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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Woodbridge

Baseboards, arches, rosettes, crown moldings, and other trims found in homes can be painted. To be specific, our company is available for crown molding and trim painting in Woodbridge, Ontario. Is your home in Woodbridge? Do you want some or all trims painted? If so, make contact with Painters Woodbridge.

Choose us for Woodbridge crown molding painting & trim painting

Why should you choose our company for crown molding and trim painting Woodbridge services? Well, the reasons for putting your trust in our painting team are plenty – apart from the very fact that we serve Woodbridge. Should we mention the basic ones?

  •          We are available for interior molding painting in Woodbridge. Exterior trims can be painted too.
  •          There’s no need to paint the whole house to have the trims painted. Although some people like to mix & match services, like booking wall painting along with wall trim painting. Or, booking door painting along with door casing painting. Basically, you can have any trim painted.
  •          You are offered the needed consultation and the expected estimate from the start, at no charge and with no obligation.
  •          As professional Woodbridge painters, we have experience with all materials. This is vital when it comes to prepping trims that may be made of plaster, flexible materials, tile, wood, etc. It’s equally vital when it comes to selecting finishes and paint coatings. We always suggest products suitable to the material of the trims and your personal preferences.
  •          Trim painting services are provided as soon as needed and are completed as agreed, without ever compromising quality.
  •          We keep the rates down. All costs of painting services are competitive and reasonable.

Molding painting services

Baseboards: These are the trim pieces that run along the bottom of interior walls, where they meet the floor. Painting baseboards can help define the lines of a room and create a clean, finished look.

Crown Molding: Crown molding is typically installed where the walls meet the ceiling. Painting crown molding can add elegance and architectural interest to a room, as well as create visual continuity between walls and ceilings.

Window Frames: Painting window frames can help them blend seamlessly with the surrounding walls and trim, creating a cohesive look throughout the room. It can also highlight the architectural features of the windows.

Door Casings: Door casings are the trim pieces that frame door openings. Painting door casings can help them stand out or blend in with the surrounding walls and trim, depending on the desired aesthetic.

Chair Rails: Chair rails are horizontal trim pieces installed on walls at about chair height. Painting chair rails can add visual interest to a room and provide a decorative accent.

Wainscoting: Wainscoting is a type of decorative paneling installed on the lower half of walls. Painting wainscoting can enhance its visual appeal and help it coordinate with the rest of the room’s decor.

Picture Rails: Picture rails are trim pieces installed on walls near the ceiling, typically used for hanging artwork or decorative items. Painting picture rails can help them blend in with the surrounding walls or stand out as a decorative feature.

Staircase Trim: Staircases often feature trim along the edges of stairs, known as stair trim or stair nosing. Painting staircase trim can help define the edges of each step and create a cohesive look throughout the staircase.

Want these or other trims in your home painted? Feel free to contact us. Schedule an estimate appointment for your crown molding and trim painting; Woodbridge contractors are ready to serve.